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How To Improve Employee Relations Within Your Company

We all know that an open-door policy supports positive employee relations, which translates into a healthy, happy company culture that fosters loyalty and supports retention. Employees want to feel appreciated, be heard and know that their feedback counts.

Happy employees are integral to organizational success. Strong connectivity to managers and their direct reports are required for high productivity and service delivery.

The foundation of strong employee relations depends largely on a positive, non-toxic and safe work environment. Strong employee relations lead to teams that are more efficient, more motivated and more productive — leading to increased sales, profits and overall customer satisfaction.

The Common Causes Of Problems And Conflicts Between Employees

Positive employee relations are built on the emphasis that your entire workforce feels valued and that they feel as though they are a part of a great organization.

However, there are times when relationships are compromised and begin to diminish. This typically occurs when disciplinary actions take place that address such issues as, absenteeism, attitude, performance and grievances, etc.

Employees within an organization expect management to provide them with a safe working environment, respect, fair treatment, proper incentives, participation in decision making and consideration of their needs. If management falls short of meeting these expectations, then this sets the stage for employee grievances and a once healthy, happy and productivity company culture begins to erode.

On the flip side, when employees fail to meet their own expectations such as not meeting their personal goals, career goals, performance, etc., this is referred to as employee stress — which is another common cause of problems and conflicts between employees.

How To Improve Employee Relations In Your Company

In many organizations, there is definitely opportunity to strengthen employee relations, however, there are a few steps to take in order to improve overall employee satisfaction. Here are some considerations.

  • Ensure fair and just treatment by management. Management should treat employees as individuals and not favor one over the other.
  • Maintain continuous interaction and connection with employees. Keep them updated about the latest news, fresh policies, new procedures and big decisions, etc.
  • Minimize job boredom and monotony — instead, keep things interesting and more challenging so everyone can see where their contribution makes an impact.
  • Reward your employees. Recognize and appreciate them for doing their job well and achieving their goals.
  • Offer a competitive compensation package and invest in their talents and competencies accordingly.
  • Respect your employees. Remember, you’re all equal, just playing different roles within your organization.

The benefits of strong and valuable employee relations are numerous. It’s linked to increased productivity, increased loyalty and overall employee satisfaction.

However, just having a positive employee culture isn’t necessarily enough. Sometimes, you need to have an effective system or protocol to properly monitor their activities and track their concerns and feedback, especially if you employ a large workforce.

When Employee Relations Require Support

Here at Employee Hotlines, a division of the award-winning contact center Direct Line Tele Response, we take pride in offering solutions that support organizations, executives, HR managers, supervisors and most importantly, employees.

Our employee hotline services support not only confidential employee relations issues, but attendance, call-offs, whistleblower, harassment concerns, and so on. We can customize any type of hotline and be available for 24 hour live answering.

The value of incorporating Employee Hotlines within your operations is a big deal and we’re here to provide you with a reliable, accurate and 100% confidential hotline services with a dedicated telephone number for your employees and/or concerned individuals to call.

Most importantly, our system assists you with streamlining employee reporting and absentee management. This way, it prevents any delays with employee concerns and encourages every one of them to come forward and report their concerns, as well as the reasons behind them . . . confidentially.

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