Crisis Hotline - Employee Hotlines
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Crisis Hotline

crisis hotline servicesOur 24/7 crisis hotline is often used as a courageous first step for those in need of either help or information. Our professionally certified Call Agents are here to lend a calm and empathetic voice to those who require immediate assistance.


We will connect directly to one of your on-call support staff  or refer to your EAP program. We provide a safe, non-judgmental environment so callers may speak freely which assists us in determining the best course of action within your custom call script.


Common uses for a Crisis Hotline:


  • Community Crises
  • Disaster Response
  • EAP Dispatch
  • Friendship Line
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Veteran Affairs Support

Call us today and learn more about how our Crisis Hotline service can support your employees and your community. 877-777-6443