Whistleblower Hotline - Employee Hotlines
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Whistleblower Hotline


whistle blower hotlineOur Whistle-blower hotline services are an essential solution for various types of employers but specifically for those with Corporate Governance responsibilities.  In accordance with the Whistle-blower Protection Act of 1989, individuals can choose to bring information or allegations forward without the fear of retaliation.


Employees have the right to file complaints and having effective reporting tools helps foster a work environment that reflects integrity and responsibility.


Benefits of having a Whistle-blower hotline service include:


  • Proactive detection measure
  • Minimizes negative exposure
  • Provides anonymity for callers
  • Supports regulatory compliance
  • Easily accessible
  • Fosters a business culture of honesty

Call today to learn how our Whistle-blower Hotline services can assist with supporting your Corporate Governance. 877-777-6443