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Leverage the power of confidential hotlines to support employee reporting. Call-offs and tardiness negatively impact the ability to meet deadlines and ensure on-time service delivery effectively.

Manufacturing and agricultural companies typically have a large employee population. As a result, production and scheduling can be a moving target, especially regarding employee attendance.

At Employee Hotlines, we have a vast history and broad experience in meeting the needs of our clients. In addition to our advanced call center technology and certified professional agents, we can set up a custom confidential hotline based on your unique preferences.

Whether you require an employee attendance call-off reporting service, a harassment hotline, or an anonymous tip line, we ensure your employees get the support they need, and supervisors get an instant notification.

Reporting Hotlines for Manufacturing and Agricultural Companies

We know your operation has to run smoothly and with minimal interruptions. Our 24/7 employee call-off hotline service is a solution that will support your absentee management procedures.

We’ll gather the required information when an employee calls off and instantly dispatch the information to the appropriate supervisor and department. Eliminate time-consuming attendance tracking with a custom 24/7 attendance hotline.

Your Long-Term Partner

Our goal is to become a trusted extension of your HR team and assist you with cutting costs while improving efficiency—there is no need to hire more staff on your end. We’re a cost-effective solution that reduces the need for you to search for talent. We help you lower your payroll costs.

In addition to our customized hotline solutions for manufacturing and agriculture businesses, we offer additional services such as production and downtime alerts, which can help you automate your workforce and improve your efficiency. Furthermore, you can rely on us for the thorough handling and documenting of sensitive information based on our agreed protocols.

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Top 6 features of an effective hotline call center

Our employee monitoring service assists you in minimizing employee disputes, reduces work stoppage, and helps your production line ramp up for maximizing efficiency.

  • 24/7 attendance monitoring
  • One dedicated line for employees to use
  • All calls are date and time stamped
  • Immediate notification
  • Confirmation codes provided
  • Custom reporting

Besides providing Attendance and Call-off lines, we also offer Anonymous Tip hotlines, Crisis hotlines, Data Security, Ethics/Compliance, and Bilingual hotlines for English and Spanish-speaking callers.

We are here to provide unparalleled caller service and will go above and beyond your expectations.

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The office of my nonprofit organization is constantly busy and when we had some turnover recently, Direct Line's Employee Hotlines was a lifesaver. Our phones are answered all the time and we are able to respond to our youth and our parents as well as the community in an effective manner. Thank you!

Kevin W.Executive Director for a Youth Non-Profit Organization

Employee Hotlines

Absentee Management and Employee Reporting Services

What Is It?

An Employee Reporting Hotline is a dedicated telephone number that is available 24/7/365 for employees to call and report their absence, tardy or FMLA updates.

How Does It Work?

Our professionally certified call agents will gather your specific information then dispatch the message to the appropriate shift supervisor/department.

Features & Benefits

An Employee Reporting Hotline helps to minimize employee disputes, eliminates guess work, reduces work stoppage while increasing efficiency.

Custom Reporting

Our custom reports will help you improve your attendance tracking process. We can provide daily reports that will organize employee information to ensure accuracy.

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