Manufacturing and Agriculture - Employee Hotlines
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Manufacturing and Agriculture


Manufacturing and Agricultural companies typically have a large workforce. Production and scheduling can be a moving target especially regarding employee attendance. Call off’s and tardy’s negatively impact your ability to meet deadlines.


We know your operation has to run smoothly with minimal interruptions. Our 24/7 employee call off hotline service is a solution that will support your absentee management procedures. We’ll gather the required information when an employee calls off and then instantly dispatch the information to the appropriate supervisor and/or department. Eliminate time consuming attendance tracking with a custom 24/7 attendance hotline.


Specific features include:

  • 24/7 attendance monitoring
  • One dedicated line for employees to use
  • All calls are date and time stamped
  • Immediate notification
  • Confirmation codes provided
  • Custom reporting


Additional Services

  • Production alerts
  • Downtime alerts

Call us today for a FREE consultation and learn how our Attendance and Employee Call Off Hotlines can improve your productivity. 877-777-6443