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Why Having a Confidential Employee Hotline Is Important

According to statistics, around 40% of workers today believe that their employers have a less than stellar business culture — yet 62% are confident in their senior leadership. Other reports show that 65% of people who witnessed misconduct in the workplace reported these incidents and around 15% of workers think they are pressured to compromise their ethical standards in order to do their jobs.

So, what does all of this mean?

For some, it means that the business climate is changing. For others, it notes that action is needed — one that a confidential employee hotline supports.

Why Implement an Employee Hotline in Your Business?

There are so many benefits associated with an employee hotline. Below, we are mentioning some of the most important ones.

  • A better “speak-up” culture: If there are any unethical issues going on inside of your business, there is at least one person who knows that it’s happening, right? Well, you should know that most employees would report any wrongdoing — but only if their identity is protected.
  • Prevention of misconduct: Knowing about misconduct early on, is a great way to reduce risk. The median duration of fraud until detection is about 18 months. For smaller businesses, this could mean the difference between staying in business or going out of it.
  • Understanding deeper issues: An employee hotline can also help you understand a deeper issue. Instead of treating the symptoms, you can dig deeper and identify the real problems hidden inside of your organization.
  • Better communication: No doubt about it — employee hotlines are the bridge to better and more open communication between your employees and management. Using a third-party confidential hotline has been proven to be the best way of generating a comprehensive response about any reported issue.
  • Prevention of violations/legal battles: A lot of businesses think that employees should inform management about issues — but in most cases nothing gets done because of the lack of anonymity. If an organization has done its due diligence and has systems in place, regulators will certainly lessen their penalties or remove them in the first place.

The Most Effective Confidential Employee Hotline Service

If you are new to the concept of a confidential employee hotline, here’s what the most effective system looks like.

  • Third Party: The best case is to have your employee hotline outsourced to a third-party provider, such as a 24-hour live call center. Your employees will be more comfortable to speak and report misconduct.
  • Live People: Virtual machines and auto-generated messages do not trigger solid feedback. This is why live virtual receptionists are used as the best way to stimulate and foster communication.
  • Unique Phone Numbers: By providing a unique telephone number that is typically toll free, makes is easy for employees to use.
  • Bilingual: If you have employees who’s native language isn’t English, the best way to support them is by providing a bilingual hotline service, making it easier and more comfortable for confidential reporting.
  • Knowledge of the System: The employee hotline call agent should know exactly how to accurately gather the caller’s information through a logic-based call scripting system.

At Employee Hotlines, we put these features in to practice and include everything that you would require to set up a comprehensive employee hotline program. Employee Hotlines is powered by the most awarded call center in the State of California — Direct Line Tele Response.

Interested in Setting Up A Comprehensive Employee Hotline for Your Business?

If you want to control your business in a better way and monitor it through the eyes of your employees, shareholders and customers, now is the best time to contact us and talk to us about setting up an employee hotline that works for you. Call Today! 877-777-6443 or contact us here.