Local and State Governments - Employee Hotlines
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Local and State Governments


hotlines for government agenciesMany Government agencies set up hotlines for constituents and employees to use in order to report concerns of fraud, safety and compliance issues. Without a streamlined solution to communicate issues, agency budgets can be negatively impacted which inevitably reduces public services. Stay on top of information by offering a dedicated number for individuals to use to report any type of community concern.


In addition to providing hotline services for government agencies, we also support 311 lines, call overflow and after-hour telephone support.





Having a dedicate hotline assists Local and State Government agencies with:


  • Conducting your own investigation
  • Directing specific departments to investigate
  • Request a third party agency to review tips
  • Determining when to conduct a full audit
  • And Much More . . .

Call us today and learn how our Government Hotline services can support your agency and your constituents. 877-777-6443