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How Employees, HR and Supervisors Win By Implementing A Confidential Employee Attendance Hotline

If supervisors and production schedulers could wave a magic wand, they’d have a one source solution for managing employee call offs and tardiness. For HR managers, they’d wish for accurate documentation and labor compliance. What if you could get all of these benefits from doing one thing?—implementing an employee reporting hotline.

So, what exactly is an employee reporting hotline? Well, it’s a dedicated telephone number that employees can use to report their absence or tardy. Professionally certified call agents such as those at Employee Hotlines, are available 24/7. They will gather call information through your customized script and then send the message via email/text or both to the appropriate individual(s), department or group—in real time. This way, supervisors/schedulers receive advanced notification and can quickly respond to schedule adjustments that minimize work interruptions and stoppage.

HR managers now have a tool that streamlines their absentee management process including accurate reporting data to ensure compliance. It’s an effective tool to reduce employee disputes too. The differentiator here is this —each caller receives a call confirmation code that is unique for easy tracking.

Some other benefits to discuss are from the employee’s perspective. Many times employees are nervous about calling their direct supervisor because of a potential unpleasant conversation with their manager. They can also have confidence knowing that their paid/unpaid absence is documented accurately.

Management also wins here. No one likes paperwork but as an employer, you have to have labor documentation dialed in 100%, especially when dealing with unions or employee friendly states such as California. Our custom reports can provide the necessary data and visibility as to why employees call off and other behavioral patterns. Reports can be sent to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis so that managers can be proactive with their available workers.

By implementing an employee call off or attendance hotline, you can expect to receive accurate, professional and efficient employee documentation services that take the pain out of an absentee management process.

Other hotline call center services we offer:

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