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It All Starts with a Dedicated Number

The absentee management process is a real challenge for many HR managers and shift supervisors simply because many don’t have the ability to properly evaluate, organize and manage the amount of information that is required to ensure accurate labor reporting and compliance.  You’ll see in this article the clear value of having an attendance call-off hotline as an effective solution to simplifying your employee reporting.

So, how does it work?

This revolutionary solution of employee reporting and absentee management service starts with one number that is specifically dedicated for your employees to call and report their absence or tardy including the specific reasons.

When the call is answered by one of our professionally certified live virtual receptionists, information is gathered and organized in accordance with your custom script. The type of information that is collected commonly include the employee(s) name, reason(s) for their absence, name of supervisor, shift and so on.

Provide a Confirmation Number to Your Employees as Proof

Once all of the call details are accurately collected and verified, our call agents will provide a confirmation number to your employee — as proof that they called in. The message is then sent directly to the designated department, supervisors or HR managers. This is also great way to reduce the risk of any employee disputes. Custom reporting can also be provided on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

What’s most valuable here is the up-leveling of accurate reporting by use of the unique call confirmation code since it is linked to the specific absence. In times when voicemails are left with incomplete information or non-delivery, this innovative absentee management solution allows for efficient reporting and makes your attendance line even more valuable and easy.

Benefit from Less Interruptions and Increase Your Employee Confidence

The real value of this advanced absentee reporting solution lies in the actual time that it saves – and the clarity provided during the process.

If you are a large company with multiple offices and hundreds of employees, it’s easy to see the benefits of this solution. You will easily reduce your workflow interruptions and your employees will find it easier to report the reason for their absence.

Over time, you will also benefit from an increase your employee confidence. With an absentee solution that is so advanced, your employees will have more confidence and less stress knowing that their manager received their call and finding it easier to provide their call confirmation number to their HR department or manager for proof.

If you are ready to start tracking your absentees in a more efficient way . . .you’re in the right place.

At Employee Hotlines, we take pride in being xa leader in absentee management solutions. For more information on how our employee hotlines can save you time and money while assisting you with increasing your overall productivity, contact us today at 877-777-6443.