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Implement a dedicated hotline to streamline employee reporting and monitoring

Transportation and warehousing companies nowadays need a streamlined approach to managing their employee call-offs.

In times when every trucking and warehousing company wants to reduce costs and improve their customer service, issues like employees calling off should be on the top of their list. But how does one consolidate attendance in a simple way?

Obviously, there is never a one-size-fits-all solution to issues like these. Yet, the problems with absenteeism are increasing every month. At Employee Hotlines, our mission is to bring a human touch and offer the most reliable way for these employees to call off and report their absences.

How Drivers and Warehousing Employees Can Call Off with A Simple Call

As the logistics and supply chain industry evolves and the market dynamics change, new business expectations have come into place. Flexibility is one of the first principles here.

Visibility and transparency are the second thing that businesses in these industries need to address. One of the best ways to do that is through technology. In specifics, a technology that allows employees to call and report their absences, tardiness or FMLA.

Luckily, warehousing and trucking businesses can outsource their end-to-end customer service for logistics requirements and be able to track their employees in a more transparent way.

Saving Your Business Time and Money

You probably can’t begin to count the number of times you’ve had to stop what you’re doing and address employees calling off from shifts or calling in late. It’s time for a change in processes.

Implementing a dedicated number for your employees to call in the event of absences or tardy can help you minimize interruptions, reduce employee disputes and streamline the attendance monitoring process.

The side benefits will be a more productive, organized and conflict-free workspace. At Employee Hotlines, we have been providing employee call off solutions for many years. The process is simple and involves 5 main steps:

  1. Your employee calls a dedicated number and is greeted by our call agent
  2. Your employee receives a call confirmation number for their message
  3. The message is texted/emailed to the supervisor and/or HR department
  4. Each call is date and time stamped
  5. We work with daily/weekly reports and have full call recordings as well as bilingual support

Sounds like the right employee call off solution for your business?

If yes is your answer, you can call us at 877-777-6443. Also, you can visit this page for more details about our employee call off hotlines for trucking and warehousing businesses.