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Employee Call Off Hotlines for Large Companies

Every business owner dreams of a perfect world where the employees would never miss a day of work. However, employees would ideally inform management of their intent to miss work, days or even weeks ahead of time.

The truth is, having to deal with call-offs or tardiness issues affects the entire day’s productivity. Unplanned absences and tardiness can leave many supervisors in the dark, requiring them to scramble to make up for all the lost productivity. On top of this, when absences are not reported correctly, the HR department cannot know which timesheets are correct, how to allocate payroll and how to update employee files.

Advanced notice would allow supervisors to prepare for their employees’ absence and take steps to curb the impact that it could have on the team. Even though the real world is not that predictable, our team at Employee Hotlines wants to show you that it can happen, especially if you are a large corporation.

How Employee Attendance Hotlines Improve Operations

Employee call-off hotlines and attendance policies are of importance to businesses of all sizes. They provide a transparent way to track attendance and even FMLA updates.

However, the real benefit of call-off hotlines can be seen for large corporations and clients like warehouses, trucking businesses and organizations with a large employee population.

In cases like these, an employee call-off hotline can easily become the best extension of their Human Resources (HR) department and manage all of the employee absences, FMLA requests, Jury Duty and many other types of employee specific calls.

And for all of you who still don’t know the concept behind an employee call-off line . . .

Simply put, an employee hotline is a dedicated phone number which employees call in the case of unexpected absences, tardiness or for confidential issues such as ethical or harassment concerns. For instance, if you are the owner of a trucking business and your driver can’t make it in for their shift, they would call the number instead of trying to reach you, the HR department or other people in your organization who value their time and productivity.

By calling the employee absence or call-off line, they will be able to speak with an actual person to whom they can explain why they cannot make it into work or why they will be late. Their information is gathered within a process which details what their management requires. The information is quickly relayed to their supervisor, HR or a group of people so they can plan for the employee’s absence ahead.

Alert Monitoring and CRM Integration Services

In addition to employee call off hotlines, our team also provides advanced alert monitoring and CRM integration services. These two are the perfect answer to the needs of every warehousing or trucking business, sending alerts which are most important to them and giving you the ability to program your software so that you don’t miss any of them.

All in all, call-off lines are a solution which truly solves the problems with the chain of communication for warehouses, trucking businesses or companies with many employees. It eliminates hours of delay for management to be notified. Instead of spending time on informing HR and supervisors of the absence, the time can be spent on the items they have on their to-do list.

At Employee Hotlines, we pride ourselves on having a complete solution which comes with time-stamps and full documentation on all calls so that anyone authorized within the organization can tap into the information and see the details or update the employee files. This sets the stage for smooth communication between departments and ensures that nothing is lost in the shuffle of daily management and administration tasks.

For a full overview of our employee call off suite for large corporations and warehousing/trucking businesses, visit this link or contact us today online or via phone! 877-777-6443