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Making Absentee Monitoring Easy With An Employee Attendance Hotline

Picture an ideal work environment.

Employees are coming into work when they are supposed to, and there are no exceptions. They arrive on time, every time.

However, our world is far from ideal. Attendance issues is something that every company faces. It seems that the larger the company, the bigger the problem.

HR Managers Are Crazy Because Of This

It seems like people are coming and going as they want when the reality is that they are often afraid, worried, or unsure about how their presence at work will affect their families and loved ones.

Amid chaos like this is a great solution that can help you avoid tons of work and streamline absence management. It’s called an employee attendance hotline (also known as employee call off hotline), and it is an effective solution every business needs to minimize frustrations for its HR managers.

Three Main Features Of An Effective Employee Attendance Hotline

In simple words, an employee call off system is a surefire way to maximize success and minimize frustrations. However, to be effective, such an employee attendance hotline must adhere to the principles listed below:

  • Custom Employee Call-Off Line: This is a no brainer. It will help if you design your employee attendance with a designated number that employees can call when reporting their tardiness or absence. It is the only way communication can stay in-house. 
  • Absentee Management: An absentee management system is not a privilege – it’s a common need. If someone from your company reports repeated absences, they should be tracked easily with a system like this and sanctioned accordingly.
  • Attendance Reporting: Advanced reporting is what helps HR, management, and payroll at once. With reports and call management, they can prove employees called in to report their absence as required.

An employee call off system is excellent when handling these three essential requirements, and even more. Outsourcing this to a company specializing in providing employee reporting services can be one of the smartest decisions you have made.

Set Up Your Attendance Hotline Today

With our team at Employee Hotlines by your side, you can finally breathe, get all the tasks finished and worry about growing your business while managing your employees.

Your HR department will be even happier – they will work with a system instead of chaos. With a consistent response, one-number convenience, and customized procedures, we can help you make your employees more disciplined and aware of their presence and absences.

For more information on how to set up your employee call-off hotline today, contact us today. 877-777-6443.