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How To Ensure Your Employees Are Calling Off Correctly

People take days off. In some cases they are just going to be late. The most common problem, however, occurs when people call off but they don’t call the correct dedicated number to notify management of their impending absence.

Dealing with attendance issues is different in every HR Manager or Supervisor. Obviously, no manager can turn a blind eye to a behavior that is not right. And this is why every company needs to set up a proper process in which they will track, respond and organize attendance issues for every employee.

Make Sure Your Employees Understand Your Attendance Policy

Setting up an attendance hotline is simple. All you need to do is contact a leading answering service in your region and give them the details. The first logical step is to provide one dedicated telephone number for your employees to call in on.

However, what is even more important is to make sure that your employees understand your attendance policy. Make it a point and share your expectation about having a low absentee and tardiness rate. If HR has not created one, make sure to create an attendance policy which clearly lays out the guidelines for when to arrive at work and how to properly call-off.

The truth is, employees can be very confused about who to call when they are sick. This results in a pipeline of problems which no one can solve. This is why it is important to educate them on the proper procedure for calling in.

What To Do With Employees Calling In Sick Too Often?

Creating an attendance hotline is a viable solution in the long run. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, nearly 3 out of 5 employees who have paid time off said they felt they had to make up an excuse for taking the day off or they were uncomfortable calling their supervisor directly.

To prevent this from happening, a growing number of companies now allow employees a specified number of paid days off for any purpose — which is both sick time and vacation time into one paid package. This increases confidence in the employees and boosts trust.

With an attendance and sick day policy in place, your employees will know when and how to call off in the right way. Most importantly, you will be able to track their absences and be able to organize tracking across multiple departments.

For more information about employee call-off hotlines and how can they help your business, visit this link and see how our team at Employee Hotlines can help you manage your employee absences.

Why Having A Proper Call-Off Procedure Matters?

As we said above, there are many benefits of having an attendance (call-off) hotline for your employees. Basically, it ensures that you can conduct business without being distracted or interrupted whenever an employee calls off.

With a team of live virtual receptionists tracking your employee absences, at Employee Hotlines we assist many businesses improve their processes and track attendances in the right way. Our systems are simple and can be understood by all employees. Most importantly, we will help you educate your employees to call in to the right numbers and prevent any mishaps coming from them calling the wrong number (something that is very common in the workplace nowadays).

Our team of professionally certified call agents will immediately notify your management about any call-offs and report every call accurately. With bilingual call agents who know how to verify calls and ensure union compliance, we are available 24/7 to help your business save time and ramp up its performance.

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