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The Best Employee Call Off System

Are you an HR manager in need of an improved absentee management system? Well, the first step to take would be to implement what’s known as either an employee call off line or an employee attendance line. So what exactly is it? Well, an employee call off/attendance hotline is a dedicated telephone number that is set-up for employees to use in the event they’re going to be late, absent or if they have an FMLA update. The information that is gathered from your caller can be customized so we collect exactly what you require.

An example of some of the information that is collected during a call is the callers name, shift, reason for absence/tardy, supervisor’s name, badge number, etc. Once the information is gathered, we will issue the caller a unique call confirmation number. This really helps with reducing employee disputes and assists in keeping your personnel records accurate. After the call confirmation number is given, the message is instantly sent to a designated department, supervisor or both. We can even integrate with your CRM system which will free-up your staff’s time to other tasks.Here at Employee Hotlines, our advanced call center technology allows us to identify the telephone number the employee called from, date/time stamp, record and as stated earlier, provide a unique call confirmation code to the caller. It’s the perfect solution for improving the accuracy of your personnel records and streamlining your absentee management process.

Since we support HR professionals, we know that documentation is everything especially if you have to go to court. In addition to our custom hotline solutions, we can also provide you with custom call reports that will strengthen your internal tracking process.

Employee call-off and attendance hotlines are of particular value to those employers that have a large workforce such as:

• Manufacturing
• Trucking
• Distribution centers
• Agriculture
• Government agencies
• And so many more . . .

By implementing an employee hotline you can expect to receive many benefits such as:

• Instant call-off notification
• Increase in staff productivity
• Reduction in employee disputes
• Prevents work stoppage
• Keep operations running smoothly

For those employers that have a bilingual employee population, be sure to ask about our in –house bilingual staff who can support those who speak English as a second language.

Call us today and find out more about our award-winning employee call off and attendance hotline call center services. 877-777-6443