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Here’s How an Attendance Line Improves the Accuracy of Employee Records

The key component to having success in any business is building a great team. Even though this might seem like a no-brainer, rushing through the employee hiring process can lead to a lot of mistakes which can certainly have a negative impact on production and customer service levels.

If your business is challenged with employee attendance issues and you don’t have an effective solution in place to track attendance, this post is for you.

Streamline Employee Data with An Accurate Employment Attendance Policy

As we said above, attendance is crucial for employees that serve customers directly or if they work on a production line. Poor attendance can zap employee morale and put a huge increase on overtime, not to mention reduced employee engagement.

The best way to reduce attendance issues is by managing employee call-offs with a specific policy. Instead of manually updating employment records, you can optimize data efficiency with a single phone line, where employees would call and submit any deviation to their scheduled shift.

When your employees are managed across multiple departments, you can now have a sound procedure in place which treats everyone in the same way, preventing problems with motivation and engagement and even disputes.

The goal, obviously, is to manage all unscheduled absences, track your employees in the right way and encourage employee attendance on every level within your company.

Businesses Must Commit to Managing Absenteeism

Aside from assisting your HR department with becoming more organized and compliant with an employee attendance hotline, our award-winning employee attendance hotlines are the solution to centralizing and simplifying employee data. We’re even able to integrate with your CRM system and create custom reports.

Instead of calling the supervisor and engaging more people in the process, you can save time and money by using an employee attendance line. The hotline will work in a simple way, where your employees will be able to describe the reason for their absence and their attendance will be logged accordingly.

On a large scale, this is a strategy that manages absenteeism in the workplace in an effective manner. Without any records, delays and HR specialists juggling so many tasks, your employees will be offered a more transparent way to call-off or attendance update.

At Employee Hotlines, we will issue a singular dedicated telephone number that is available 24/7/365 for businesses of all sizes. Our mission is to assist managers and supervisors with streamlining employee data and allowing employees to call and report their absence, tardy or FMLA updates easily.

With a team of professional call center agents by your side, we will gather all of your required information and dispatch the message to the appropriate shift supervisor and/or department. For more information about our employee attendance hotline and its features, visit this page or contact us today at 877-777-6443.