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Employee Attendance Line Services For Manufacturers and Processing Plants

Managing employee time and attendance is something that every manufacturing and processing plant has challenges with.

Here’s a great solution to solve this issue. An employee attendance hotline and custom reporting delivers an accurate macro picture of all things related to employee work hours, time off, days on leave and PTO, etc.

Managing attendance is one of the most essential things, especially for the manufacturing and food processing industries. Employee work schedules are a moving target and if you are responsible for managing a large workforce, it’s difficult to keep on top of when employees are calling off. An employee attendance hotline is the best way to bridge your scheduling gaps.

Employee Attendance Lines: What Are They And How Do They Work?

In a perfect world, employees would arrive on time and be on every scheduled shift. If they had to miss out, they would ideally inform management of their intent to miss work — ahead of time.

An employee attendance line gives managers an option to take the headache out of absence management and streamline the whole process with a simple Employee Call Out Hotline.

So, these lines basically offer a way that provides managers and supervisors with a professional and viable third-party support system to help manage unexpected absences. Most importantly, this line cuts through confusing chains of command and complicated call out procedures, offering a simple and easy way for employees to inform management of their need to stay home. In turn, the supervisors have clear communication from a trustworthy partner when any of the unexpected absences occur.

Employee attendance reporting is a process where employees are given a phone number to call in, in the event they will not be in to work or if they are going to be late. They can call any time of the day or night and speak to an actual person, describing the details of why they cannot make it into work (or why they will be late). The information is then relayed to the supervisor a specific group, so they can plan for the employee’s absence.

A Solution That Supports The Flow Of Communication

If you are still wondering how an employee hotline for attendance solves the problem with the chain of communication, it is simple. The line itself eliminates hours of delay for the appropriate personnel to be notified.

Long gone are the days when supervisors spent their time chasing after absent or tardy employees. With an advanced employee attendance reporting system, the time spent on informing HR, management and supervisors about absences can be streamlined into a custom reporting system.

Nowadays, employee hotlines work with logging all of the calls with time stamps and reports. This means that anyone who is authorized within the organization can tap into the information and see the details or update the employee files as required. All of this ensures continuous communication between departments — and guarantees that nothing will be lost due to complex daily administrative tasks and fast-moving work environments.

A Perfect Way For Employees To Report Their Absences And Late Arrivals

As we outlined above, absentee management solutions such as employee hotlines are great tools for managers to track the performance and attendance of their employees. But what do the actual employees think about them?

Employees in manufacturing and processing plants appreciate the opportunity to speak with a neutral and third-party representative, rather than having to call their supervisor directly. They know that by calling this hotline, their absence has been documented correctly — and they never have to wonder if the right person has been informed.

All in all, the ease of using an employee attendance hotline and the simplicity of the process allows both employees and manufacturing/processing plants to plan around the absences, cover shifts quickly and ensure that productivity isn’t interrupted — with less documentation and communication needed between them.

Want To Make Your Reporting Of Call-Offs Efficient And Easy?

If you like the idea of an employee attendance hotline and custom reporting and you think that the system would fit your manufacturing or processing plant nicely, welcome to Employee Hotlines.

With vast experience in the field and a number of happy clients, we pride ourselves on developing award-winning solutions that track your employee’s attendance, report tardies, and FMLA requests.

With us, you can get:

  • 24/7/365 attendance tracking of your entire workforce
  • A single and dedicated line for all of the calls
  • Recording and timestamping features for each call
  • Supervisor and management notifications for tardies, call-offs and more
  • And so much more . . .

Want to learn more about our employee attendance lines and get a FREE quote for your needs? Contact us today at 877-777-6443