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5 Custom Reporting Solutions HR Managers And Supervisors Need

Human Resource (HR) departments and Supervisors are often challenged with accurately gathering information from employees. By integrating a custom employee reporting solution, managers can obtain and streamline a variety of issues and concerns — enabling them to be more efficient.

One way to increase efficiency is with a custom employee hotline and reporting service. By custom employee reporting, we mean all types of reporting which are customized to your business type, company and/or industry needs.

However, if you have never implemented a custom reporting solution for your business, it is time to learn more about it. Below, we are listing the five most useful employee hotlines that every HR manager or supervisor should consider.

1. Gain Insight Into Your Workforce With An Attendance Hotline & Reporting

It is now easy to gain insight into your workforce and make use of the attendance data that is recorded in your account. With the right employee attendance program by your side, you can get customized reports that are auto-delivered daily, weekly and monthly.

These reports can help you get all the necessary details as to when and how often your employees are calling off, are late or if there are any updates to an FMLA status.

2. Expand Your Business with A Bilingual Hotline

Just like an attendance hotline helps you with managing your employees, a bilingual hotline helps your workers and offers understanding through a Spanish speaking workforce.

You can forget about any and all activities related to hiring Spanish-speaking HR members and get a bilingual hotline which ensures that every caller receives the best experience available especially when English is not their first language. Whether it’s employee call-offs, whistleblower calls, ethics and compliance reports, crisis or attendance reporting, this hotline fits in perfectly well in almost every organization. Custom reporting also enables you to see the need for a bilingual hotline.

3. Give Voice to Your Employee Concerns With An Ethics Hotline

Racial discrimination, sexual harassment and accounting fraud are all cases which often make the headlines. However, it is the run-of-the-mill stuff which tends to bug people at work.

You probably know that no one wants to hear complaints. However, soliciting them effectively on a corporate level is something that is critical to an employer’s relationship with their employees. An ethics hotline is a system that is in a position to identify all the trouble spots and trends which can lead to organizational changes.

The number of employers providing telephone ethics hotlines has substantially increased over the past few years, allowing employees to report suspecting accounting and business matters.

Custom reporting allows key management to be proactive when address these types of calls.

4. Prevent Your Reputation From Getting Destroyed With Employee Tip Lines

Consistent use of an Employee Anonymous tip line is sign of a toxic work environment. However, they can also be your best chance of preventing your reputation from getting destroyed if a scandal occurs. In times like these, there are many employees who are being pushed, pressured and harassed to improve their performance by their managers and coworkers. There are also cases which we don’t know and situations which are destroying the morale of every employee.

So, when you weigh in both of the options, an employee tip line can definitely help you prevent your reputation from getting destroyed but also enforce an open communication and a company culture that is equal for every employee. Again, this form of reporting is seen as one of the best ways to spot a toxic corporate culture.

5. The Value Of Having A Whistleblower Hotline

In environments that are increasingly turbulent, businesses need to protect themselves against any financial crime, misconduct or ethical issues.

This is what a whistleblower hotline is used for — providing a reporting service that helps address all of these issues. Hotlines have proven to be one of the most expedient and inexpensive ways to report concerns — and are an essential component to any risk management strategy.

With a whistleblower hotline, you can get a call center consisting of live operators (working 24/7) which your employees can use in complete confidentiality. This way, you will give them an option to report everything that the feel is wrong in the organization and create a confidential reporting system that works for your needs.

At the end of the day, it is easy to see why employee hotlines are growing in popularity. They are a valuable tool providing an accessible and anonymous way for employees to report any potential wrongdoing — as well as report their late arrival, sick days and different reasons for not being able to make it to work.

While on the surface hotlines might look as a convenient option to receive employee complaints, tips and concerns — it is the process surrounding them which is the most important — and which can determine whether a hotline like this succeeds or fails.

As we said in the beginning, having a custom reporting hotline is the best solution for your needs.

If you want to learn more about these types of hotlines and see what your business can benefit from the most, contact us today! 877-777-6443