The Value of Having A Crisis Hotline for Employees During COVID-19 - Employee Hotlines
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The Value of Having A Crisis Hotline for Employees During COVID-19

crisis hotline for employees

The Value of Having A Crisis Hotline for Employees During COVID-19

The Value of Having A Crisis Hotline for Employees During COVID-19

We all know that during emergencies, people need information. However, in today’s corporate landscape, communication tends to be stifled, especially with the COVID-19 scenario.

In challenging times, a crisis hotline seems like the best way to give support to your employees. At Employee Hotlines, we offer emergency hotlines to help your employees report any concerns and associated details to seek help and gain information.

The Calm and Empathetic Voice Your Employees Want to Hear During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of chaos in the workplace. No matter how disciplined we are in following the guidelines, one could never know whether they have been in contact with someone (or something) infected with the deadly COVID-19 disease.

In an era like this, everyone needs to feel a sense of calm. A workplace with a crisis hotline can offer employees support, lending them a calm and empathetic voice if they need immediate assistance. 

Whether you work with an EAP program or have on-call support staff, our crisis hotline is easy to set up. 

  • The ability to respond quickly and maintain communication during any emergency
  • 24/7 availability in case internal channels are disrupted
  • A single point of contact for the entire organization
  • Automated information and custom options you can configure
  • Trained agents available for live support
  • Custom notifications and call routing

A Lot of Options and Add-Ons to Choose From

One of the best things about choosing a personalized hotline for your company is that you can be flexible with it and upgrade or scale it as your business grows.

For instance, while having a crisis hotline for your employees, you can also set up an ethics hotline to know all about the other side of the workplace during COVID-19 or an attendance hotline to track your employees’ performance working from home.

The goal is to set up hotlines that align with your needs, budget, type of business, and current situation. With many adjustments and features to choose from, our team at Employee Hotlines can help you set up a resource that everyone within your business can use.

Start Personalizing Your Emergency Communication, When Your Employees Need It the Most

No business should let a crisis slow its operations down. In times like these, the goal of success is to have a process-oriented approach and a specific communication line where employees can turn to and report their absence, request more information, or have someone to talk to and get their questions answered.

With decades of experience, our professionals at Employee Hotlines can help you set up a crisis hotline during COVID-19 and help your employees stay calm, safe, and sound.

Call today to learn how a crisis hotline can support your employees and your business. 877-777-6443