The Need for HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Hotlines - Employee Hotlines
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The Need for HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Hotlines

confidential healthcare hotlines

The Need for HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Hotlines

Patient health information (PHI) is under scrutiny more now than ever. According to statistics, an electronic health record is ten times more valuable than a credit card number on the black market. 

Having a HIPAA compliant Healthcare Hotline call center as your telephone answering support system can ensure callers receive responsive service and medical professionals get to provide urgent care in an uninterrupted manner. 

While most of us turn to the phone as the best way to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccination process, many are unaware that there is usually an exchange of sensitive patient health information on some level with every health-related phone call.

HIPAA Compliance and COVID-19 Inbound Call Centers

Are you a healthcare organization dealing with a high volume of patient calls? If yes, you should consider outsourcing telephone answering to an inbound call center that is HIPAA certified.

Whether it’s a call, appointment request, text message, email message, or voicemail, each communication method carries a risk for HIPAA compliance. 

HIPAA laws exist to protect a patient’s right to privacy and ensure that the medical practitioners deal with sensitive information in the most appropriate manner. In other words, all incoming calls about COVID-19 appointment requests contain Personal Health Information (PHI) and must comply with both the privacy and security rules in HIPAA.

A HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Hotline Can Handle All Inbound Calls for Medical Facilities

The U.S. Government provided guidance that is continuously evolving due to changes in COVID-19 cases and protocols. The key takeaway is that medical professionals should partner with a HIPAA-compliant inbound call center for COVID-19 appointment requests and general information output.

This type of service offers confidential hotlines to gather specific information in a streamlined manner so healthcare providers can manage the influx of urgent patient care. Healthcare hotlines ensure that patient service is not compromised and medical offices can answer calls from new patients who require support.

At Employee Hotlines, we understand HIPAA rules and pride ourselves on our full compliance. We have a proven track record and vast experience supporting healthcare providers who can leverage our expertise during this pandemic.

We securely handle PHI and any other sensitive data in each call and ensure HIPAA-compliant message delivery through an encrypted notification feature. All of this protects our clients and their patients by reassuring them that the information relayed is safe and secure.

Protect your healthcare organization and your patients by working with our HIPAA compliant healthcare hotline call center.

Get in touch with us today and learn how to help you handle all of your COVID-19 appointment requests, whether it’s vaccination requests or general calls. 877-777-6443