Emergency Response Hotline for Disasters - Employee Hotlines
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Emergency Response Hotline


Employee Hotline ButtonWhether you’re in an area that’s susceptible to earthquakes, hurricanes, snow storms or tornadoes your employees and clients will still need to contact you and your business. Regardless of emergency type, each disaster presents a unique situation that requires uninterrupted communication and having an Emergency Response Hotline provides a 24/7 solution that ensures business continuity.


Our telephony and advanced call center technology is fully redundant. Audited by our industry association, the Association of TeleServices International, we have achieved the 24/7 Gold Site Certification which is the highest degree of business continuity in the call center industry.



Types of Emergency Response Hotlines commonly used are:


  • Business Continuity Support
  • Call Overflow
  • Government Disaster Response
  • Product Recall
  • Public Safety
  • And Many More . . .


Call today and learn how our Emergency Response Hotline services can support your community and your business. 877-777-6443