Comparison Of Automated Hotlines And Live Answering - Employee Hotlines
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Comparison Of Automated Hotlines And Live Answering

Automated Employee Hotlines vs. Live Answering

Automated Answering vs. Live Answering

Here we are showing a comparison between a 24-hour live call center answering confidential employee calla vs. an automated employee hotline. By providing a centralized phone number that is exclusively for employees, they are able to confidentially call in and our professionally certified call agents will confirm message details while gathering specific information based on your custom script. Message details can be securely sent to groups such as Managers, Supervisors and even HR. Employees will receive a confirmation code for their call in order to reduce the risk of any potential disputes. Custom reports are also available.

Features and Benefits

Live Answering

Automated Hotline

Centralized Phone Number

Calls Answered 24/7/365

Instant Notification To Management

Employee Details Verified

Custom Reports

Call Confirmation Code

Web Portal Message Management

Other Languages Supported

Custom Referrals For Employees