5 Ways A Confidential Hotline Can Assist HR Managers With Improving Efficiency - Employee Hotlines
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5 Ways A Confidential Hotline Can Assist HR Managers With Improving Efficiency

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5 Ways A Confidential Hotline Can Assist HR Managers With Improving Efficiency

If you ever heard of confidential or ethics hotlines, you probably know what they do and why more and more companies use them. If you are new to the concept, a confidential hotline is basically a line which helps a company promote its culture of honesty and accountability.

Below, we are listing the five ways a confidential hotline can help you during COVID-19, and how you can make the most of it in these challenging times.

  1. Centralize Employee Call-offs

The main value of having a confidential hotline is centralized communication. In other words, all of the employee call-offs are directed towards one phone number – promoting an efficient workplace for the department in charge. 

At the same time, a hotline like this one encourages employees to report any wrongdoing. In a way, it acts as a more anonymous option than reporting improprieties to their immediate supervisors.2.

2. Ensures Reporting Accuracy

An ethics hotline is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, allowing every employee to access it both during and after working hours. This gives a feeling of confidnece and knowing that it is outsourced, ensures maximum reporting accuracy.

In times when employers can’t guarantee confidentiality at the workplace, a confidential hotline protects the identity of those who raise concerns and contribute to improving an organization’s ethical culture.

3. Reduce Downtime in Reaching Production Goals

With an outsourced ethics hotline provider, you can save time and money. Most importantly, you can allocate tasks properly and have your teams focus on their responsibilities instead of issues like call-offs.

In addition to call-offs, hotlines like these are effective in the way of getting in front of a serious workplace issue and resolving the matter before everything gets out of hand. In the end, everybody wins without any harm to the production goals or the employees’ productivity.

4. Allows for Multiple Recipient Dispatch

A confidential hotline can be set up so that it is connected to multiple recipients. For instance, you can link your entire HR department, compliance officials, legal team and any of your top management executives that need to be aware of issues in the workplace.

Since it is managed by a third party, an ethics hotline ensures anonymity and won’t show any information of the reporter such as their phone number, IP address or call recordings. 

5. Ensure Instant Message Delivery for Supervisors

They say you can’t solve issues that you are not aware of, or discover too late. Instant message delivery is appreciated by everyone, especially companies that encourage employees to report. 

With a confidential (ethics) hotline, your speak-up culture will be encouraged and your employees will help you know about misconduct sooner than later. This will enable you to address it earlier, which could help you gain more insight before it’s too late.

Of course, a confidential hotline won’t do you any good if your employees don’t know it exists. So, it is always important to communicate its value through the HR team, and remind as well as educate employees on how to use it.

Even if the hotline is not used much, it is still a way to build brand authority and provide an avenue where employees can report misconduct. In the long run, the value of such a hotline can be translated to major time and money savings.

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