5 Tips On Improving Employee Attendance - Employee Hotlines
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5 Tips On Improving Employee Attendance

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5 Tips On Improving Employee Attendance

Improve Employee Attendance With A Call-Off Hotline

We all know that attendance is crucial in customer-facing jobs. Research shows that absenteeism is usually associated with loss of employee morale and reduced employee engagement. As a result, managers many times consider disciplinary actions.

If you want to improve your employee attendance to meet your business and production goals, we are listing five actions that you can take.

1. Set Clear Expectations

The first step is to set clear expectations and make sure that your employees know your attendance policies. These include everything from call-off procedures to the process of requesting leave. Ensure that each employee is aware of the impact of poor attendance on the company, their co-workers, customer service, and overall workload.

Consistency is critical – you should be treating all employees equally to prevent a decline in morale and increased turnover rates.

2. Track Absenteeism with Consolidated Reporting

Accurate data can help you stay objective and rely on information to track your employee absences. You can use basic spreadsheets, HR software, or an employee attendance hotline to sync in with your operations and promote fair and equal treatment for every employee.
Once you commit to managing your employee absenteeism, you will see which absences are legitimate and necessary and which aren’t.

3. Communicate with Your Employees

Experienced HR managers know that when the frequency of employee absences becomes a problem, there should be someone who will sit down with them to talk about it.
Doing this will allow the employee to explain the situation before the supervisor asks for an improvement. Communication is key to better transparency. If employees have problems, supervisors should be empathetic and suggest ways to resolve them.

4. Boost Employee Morale and Engagement

If you want to take a positive step in boosting your employee attendance, you should consider raising your employees’ morale and engagement. Take positive action. Start trusting them, recognize their achievements and listen to their needs.

Doing all of this will also help you enable workspace flexibility when possible. Once you move towards a more transparent and open culture, you will uncover many problems you may not have been aware of.

5. Implement an Employee Attendance Hotline

HR professionals can benefit from an employee attendance hotline. The solution works through a dedicated number that all employees call to report their absence, tardiness, or FMLA updates.
Through accurate reporting, lack of time-off abuse, and no workflow interruptions, an employee attendance hotline can support your business, save you money, and increase your company’s productivity.

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